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Heard you sold ya soul for like 7 racks and a vinyl deal
And you ain't even move 20 records, how that gotta feel?
Spent yo stacks on kicks and designer weed packs
And by the time this shit drop, they won't wanna hear yo weak raps
No Mo'
It's the heartbreak kid, tuning up the band
Sweet chin music
Muthafunka this the end

Don't make me hit you with this 38 special shout out to trust gang
Niggas online watching me eat like its Mukbang
What would you expect though?, fuck niggas gone do fuck things
Don't make my dogs bare fangs
They'll bare arms for spare change
And spare none heads gone roll
We bout the guillotines
Oh look, they all shook now
The game needed change
I been paranoid and aggressive
I been collecting weapons
If they seen my browser history I probably arrested
I been studying all they methods
I know they weaknesses
Get in they heads and make em act reckless
Destroy them from within
Cerebral assassin
Move lethal with action
Move the people with passion
Aint no equals I passed em
Shittin' on this industry
spittin acid vehemently
Use venom that send at me to chase
my Hennessey
Bitch is you crazy I breath ether just to go sleep

TCF the movement
We like motown in the 70's
They worried 'bout my appearance
I'm always dressed in jeans hoodies sweats and tees
Can't be stressing these niggas
Stretching cream nigga
That's my specialty
I'm tryna take a break from all these violent bars
But every time I give a bitch a inch
They like to drive the car
Only judge em for what's inside they heart
Don't compare me to these niggas if they ain't taking risks
Or grinding hard
Stress on my mind
Only peace I find is through the music
Started off solo
Turned this shit into a movement
I come from the mud nigga
You know this shit was hard for me
Financial freedom and ownership and the properties
Those my goals
Road to riches dodgin' all the potholes
Since snot nose
I was dealin' wit pain only God knows
Give you food for thought huh?
The beat is where I did these dishes
Penny for your thoughts huh?
My shit more like penny pinchin'